Issue Type Notification Schemes (for JIRA)

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The notification schemes are mapped through a Issue Type notification scheme. You can create new schemes and associate them to projects as you normally do.

An Issue type notification scheme is basically a set of rules that maps an Issue Type to a traditional notification scheme. You can also set the default notification scheme to use if no rule is set for an issue type.

The menu item is located just below where you normally find Notification schemes in the administration section.


You can experience that users receive emails when e.g. an issue is created. This happens if you have set up a normal notification scheme for a project, but also an Issue type notification scheme on that project.

To avoid this, enable only an issue type notification scheme on a project.

Supported Applications

Can be used on JIRA Core, JIRA Software, including the Service Desk and Agile parts.


Installation works by either downloading the addon from Atlassian Marketplace and uploading it, or by installing it directly from the Addons section of JIRA.

We hope you enjoy the functionality of the plugin.